Centre Commercial Aéroville,

Roissy, France 2013

Inspirées du tressage de paniers balinais, les huit sphères de 2,50m, tressées en bambou naturel, scintillent de cristaux de Swarovski. Les plantes retombantes flottent au-dessus du public, telle une cascade végétale de 5m de haut.


Aéroville commercial center

Roissy, France 2013

This permanent installation made of eight elements gives rhythm to the big mall of the "Bali Market" area. 
Inspired by the Balinese baskets's weaving, the eight 2.5m spheres woven with natural bamboo sparkle with Swarovski crystals illuminated by a light crown under the white metal supsended dome. The 16 horticultural led spots feed with UV lights the drooping plants that float above the audience like a 5m high vegetal waterfall.

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